6 Political Authority

Politicians exert political authority over the population, with its agreement, taking decisions for it and acting as its representatives

6.1   An Overview of Political Power

how political power is analysed in this book: chapter structure

6.2   Different Approaches to Politics

political beliefs, ideas about government, party policy

6.3   Political Legitimacy

authoritarianism, democracy, their legitimacy, behaviour of politicians

6.4   Political Pressures

pressures on politicians: public, media, business, interest groups

6.5   Consulting the People

representing the people, consulting them, finding out what they want

6.6   Political Subsidiarity

domains of political control, sovereignty, co-operation

6.7   Major Issues Requiring Political Negotiation

controversial political issues, areas of disagreement

6.8   Pressing for Better Government

political accountability, getting the best out of politicians

The next chapter examines ungoverned power, or self-protection, which is needed when structured governance breaks down.



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