6.4 Political Pressures

Unsolicited political pressures can persuade governments to be responsive, but they tilt the balance of power on behalf of specific groups.

6.4.1  Overview of Political Pressures

influencing politicians: public, media, interest groups and money

6.4.2  Political Communication with the Public

politicians try to please the public because they need its support

6.4.3  Media Organisations in Politics

news media can influence people and politicians, sometimes misleading them

6.4.4  Interest Groups and Pressure Groups

groups of people with a shared interest, who can influence politicians

6.4.5  Money in Politics

wealthy donors can buy influence and distort democracy

6.4.6  Balancing Political Pressures

extreme opinions distort a politician’s perspective; balance is needed

The next segment describes ways of consulting the people, either by electing politicians as representatives or by involving them directly.



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