Pattern Descriptions

The pattern descriptions, which clarify how power is used, are hierarchically numbered in accordance with the sections of the PatternsofPower books.  They can be reached by clicking on the appropriate numbered chapter links in the following book contents list, and drilling down through the hierarchy:

Preface and Acknowledgements
Edition Release Notes

1. Introduction to Patterns of Power

Chapter Structures

2. Pattern Assessment Criteria

3. Patterns of Economic Power

4. Culture and Moral Influence

5. Legal Powers

6. Political Authority

7. Ungoverned Power

8. Analysing the Iraq War 2003 Invasion Decision

9. Contested Aspects of Governance

Appendix 1 – Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Alphabetical Index

Many topics can be explored from more than one viewpoint, so more than one of the pattern descriptions may be applicable to any given situation.  Some patterns are linked to each other in a causal relationship.