9. Contested Aspects of Governance

This book ends by reviewing the most contentious aspects of governance, searching for acceptability to those who are subject to it.

9.1   Identifying Target Areas for Governance Review

selected by governance assessment criteria: acceptability, negotiability, inclusiveness, and prudence

9.2   Individual Freedom to Flourish

an important component of governance acceptability that needs to take account of the common good

9.3   Ensuring that Nobody is Excluded

a need that is becoming more difficult with globalisation, new technologies, and climate change

9.4   Encouraging More Prudent Governance

politicians should be held to account if they fail to take timely action or incur unnecessary risks

9.5   Reforming International Security

a rules-based world order is a highly desirable future objective, to avoid or minimise wars

9.6   Overcoming Refusal to Negotiate

using existing moral influence, legal power, and political pressure against intransigence

9.7   Responses to the Requirements Checklist

a summary of aspects of governance that can be renegotiated to make them more acceptable


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