4 Culture and Moral Influence

People’s characters are formed by the culture and moral influence of those around them, driving their social and political behaviour

4.1   Overview of Moral Influence
4.1.1    Effects of Moral Influence

people have considerable influence over the beliefs and behaviour of others

4.1.2    Definitions of Moral Belief Systems

clarifying the terminology used for religion, atheism and secularism

4.1.3    Classification of Moral Influence

how moral influence is analysed in this book: chapter structure

4.2   The Formation of Moral Values

origins of morality: upbringing, religion, philosophy, negotiated rights, society

4.3   Applying Moral Pressure

how people influence each other’s behaviour and beliefs

4.4   Living in Peaceful Pluralism

living together peaceably by agreeing how to behave and to avoid conflict

Culture and moral influence affect legislation and people’s compliance with the law, as described in the next chapter



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