4.4 Living in Peaceful Pluralism

There is evidence that living in peaceful pluralism is possible, provided that people are reasonably careful in their dealings with others 

4.4.1  Tolerance Towards Other People

peaceful coexistence depends on not trying to impose beliefs on others

4.4.2  Socially Acceptable Behaviour

standards of behaviour that are expected and are acceptable to others

4.4.3  Persuading Others to Behave Acceptably

people can often just ask each other to change behaviour

4.4.4  Resolving Apparent Contradictions

making moral choices that avoid conflict with neighbours

4.4.5  The Potential for Ethnic Conflict

potential for resenting immigrants, ethnic hostility, divisiveness

4.4.6  Free Speech in a Pluralist Society

the need for free speech, and for limits to avoid giving offence

4.4.7  Inclusive Moral Behaviour

taking positive steps to get to know each other better

The care needed for living in peaceful pluralism extends to legislating and complying with the law, as described in the next chapter



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