6.3 Political Legitimacy

Political legitimacy depends upon the structure of the political system and the performance of the politicians within that.

6.3.1  Authoritarian Systems of Government

people don’t choose authoritarian leaders but they might accept them

6.3.2  Democratic Systems of Government

democracies are seen as legitimate, but they have inherent weaknesses

6.3.3  Public Trust in Politicians

politicians need to be responsive, truthful, capable, and accountable

6.3.4  Political Leaders

they are the face of their teams and are responsible for their performance

6.3.5  Legitimacy of the Political System

how to assess a government’s ability to command support

6.3.6  Patriotic Unity in Defending the Country

external threats unite a country, making its leader popular for a time

6.3.7  Compliance with International Human Rights

human rights are a test of legitimacy; they may be in a constitution

6.3.8  The Ideal Political System?

there is no ideal political system: all have weaknesses

6.3.9  Disillusion with Politicians

low voter turnout and protests indicate disillusion with politics

The pressures on politicians from the population, from businesses, from interest groups and from the media are the subject of the next segment.



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