6.6 Political Subsidiarity

The layers of political subsidiarity, from individual to global, and the structures for sharing power have different degrees of autonomy.

6.6.1  Individual Participation in Politics

individuals can be active in politics, exerting influence on others

6.6.2  Local and Regional Government

the benefits of distributing power: localisation, personalisation

6.6.3  Separatist Pressures

different ways of dividing a country along cultural lines

6.6.4  The Power of National Politicians

   power-hungry national politicians can damage their countries and others

6.6.5  Multinational Political Groupings

the EU’s pooled sovereignty delivers economic and political benefits

6.6.6  Global Political Institutions

  the UN was founded to prevent war, but is now impotent; G7 and G20 are influential

6.6.7  Complexity of Political Subsidiarity

layers of government, democratic accountability, democratic deficit

The next segment addresses the most contentious issues faced by politicians, with a focus on determining which forms of power are of most benefit to their populations.



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