6.7 Major Issues Requiring Political Negotiation

The function of politics is to resolve major issues requiring political negotiation, such as the difficult examples listed here

6.7.1  Political Decisions on Government Spending

decisions which are largely ideological, although they must take some account of economics

6.7.2  Political Responses to Inequality

responding to tensions arising from the unequal distribution of wealth

6.7.3  Individual Rights and Responsibilities

rights and responsibilities of visitors, permanent residents, citizens

6.7.4  Managing Pluralism and Identity

political measures for peaceful coexistence of multiple ethnic groups

6.7.5  Political Responses to Environmental Challenges

resources, pollution, sustainability, climate change, disease

6.7.6  Assistance to Developing Countries

international aid, aid dependency, reforming developing economies

6.7.7 Foreign Policy Options for National Security

relationships with other countries, confrontational or courteous

6.7.8  Political Responses to Rapid Economic and Social Change

automation, globalisation, need for new jobs, managing immigration

Politicians are responsible for resolving the major issues requiring political negotiation; the next segment examines how they can be held to account for their performance



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