6.8 Pressing for Better Government

People need ways of pressing for better government, by saying what they want and then ensuring that politicians deliver it.

6.8.1  Education for Political Awareness

to get the best from their politicians, people must understand how they are governed

6.8.2  Processes for Appointing Politicians

politicians should serve the people, so it is important how they are appointed

6.8.3  Communication with Politicians

the population needs to be able to tell politicians what it wants

6.8.4  Political Negotiation

political negotiation needs to be respectful, inclusive, balanced and transparent

6.8.5  Getting the Best from Politicians

politicians need to be held to account so that they serve the people well

6.8.6  Persuading People to Agree

there are many ways of persuading people to accept negotiated outcomes

Governance breaks down if negotiations fail, so people resort to ungoverned power and self-protection – as analysed in the next chapter.



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