6.2 Different Approaches to Politics

Politicians take different approaches to politics, depending on ideology, attitude towards change, and the role of government.

6.2.1  Classifying Political Ideologies and Attitudes

defining the terms: individualism, collectivism, conservatism, and progressivism

6.2.2  Freedom of the Individual

the desire for liberty, property rights, and small government

6.2.3  Collectivism

prioritising communal needs over individual interests

6.2.4  Conservative Attitudes

stewardship and resistance to change; small government

6.2.5  The Progressive Approach

intervention to improve people’s lives; radicalism; revolution

6.2.6  Political Parties and Policies

parties need to differentiate themselves, but not stray too far from the centre

These different approaches to politics drive the behaviour of politicians.  The next segment describes the power structures through which they operate.



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