5.2 The Elements of the Legal System

5.2.1  Laws

different ways of making laws

5.2.2  Judicial Discretion, Legal Principles and Human Rights

judicial interpretation according to principles such as human rights

5.2.3  Constitutions and Secondary Rules

a constitution is the ultimate authority, defining how laws are made

5.2.4  Contract Law and Torts – Cases Brought by a Plaintiff

contract law, libel and defamation are initiated by individuals

5.2.5  Law Enforcement

law enforcement arouses public concern and needs to be reformed

5.2.6  Sentencing Law-Breakers: Courts and the Judiciary

judges, law courts, independent judiciary, sentencing policy, appeals

5.2.7  The Penal System

what a penal system is for; prisons aren’t always the best solution

5.2.8  The Separation of Powers

government, legislature and courts should be independent of each other



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