About this site

This website offers access to books, pattern descriptions and a blog.  Its objectives and the concept of ‘patterns of power’ are explained here.  There is an introduction to using the ‘patterns of power’ approach here.

The Patterns of Power books, which list the pattern descriptions, provide a structured way of understanding how power is used.  They are described, and can be obtained, here.  They are available in paperback and electronic formats.

The contents of these books are also held on this website.  They can be read sequentially, starting from the Preface.  They can be reached by navigating hierarchically from the contents listing here.  Or a specific topic can be accessed via the alphabetical index here.  The site’s bibliography is accessible here.

The blog and its associated social-networking services comment on issues and current events, to evaluate the performance of those who wield power.  The posts sometimes link directly to specific pattern descriptions.

The pattern descriptions are updated and maintained in accordance with information management policies which are described here.  The more technical aspects of their storage policy and URL structures are described here.

Comments on the books, and on the contents of this website, will enable them to be refined – to increase their usefulness.  Email templates are at Contact us.

The pattern descriptions are all subject to copyright © PatternsofPower.org, 2020.  Please acknowledge PatternsofPower.org if quoting from this material.