6.3 Political Systems and Their Legitimacy

6.3.1      Authoritarianism   Partially Authoritarian Governments   One-Party States   Dictatorships   Monarchies   Establishing, and Maintaining, Law and Order   Suppression of Freedom by Authoritarian Governments   Acceptability under Authoritarian Governments

6.3.2      Democracy   Forms of Democracy   The Range of Reasons for Voting   Party Manifestos   Systems of Voting   Populism in Democracies

6.3.3      Performance of Politicians   Responsiveness   Competence   Political Integrity   Focus on Serving the Public

6.3.4      Political Leaders   Leadership Responsibilities and Styles   Personality Politics   Limits to Time in Office   Selection of Leaders

6.3.5      Legitimacy of Political Systems   The Need for Political Legitimacy   Criteria for Assessing Political Legitimacy   Beetham’s 3-layer Model of Legitimacy   Evidence of Public Assent to Governance

6.3.6      Temporary Political Legitimacy Conferred by a Threat

6.3.7      Political Legitimacy as Measured by Human Rights

6.3.8      The Ideal Political System?