5.4 Adaptation of the Law to Changes in Society

5.4.1  Legislating to Change Behavioural Requirements

legislation gives protection, lessens freedom, may be onerous

5.4.2  Judicial Interpretation as a Response to Change

judicial discretion to adapt laws rather than prescriptive legislation

5.4.3  Acceptability of the Law

respect for the law, respecting the constitution, adaptability

5.4.4  Legislation on Morally Controversial Issues

legalising abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and drug use

5.4.5  The Legal Right to Freedom of Speech

legal limits to free speech, to prevent harm to other people

5.4.6  Avoiding Ethnic Conflict

the law can prohibit some types of ethnic divisiveness

5.4.7  Human Rights as a Legal Safeguard

human rights that are enshrined in law protect everybody



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