Sacrifices in the name of Brexit

Jeremy Hunt has now joined Boris Johnson in being willing to sacrifice small businesses on the altar of Brexit:

The Conservative and Unionist Party has clearly forgotten its traditions and what it stands for. This New Statesman article puts that into perspective:

Its members also regard Brexit as more important than the unity of the United Kingdom, so they are now neither Conservatives nor Unionists.  The Scots have noticed:

One can only hope that whoever becomes Prime Minister will have enough sense of self-preservation not to destroy the party’s and the country’s future.


  • Helen Scalway

    A percipient set of remarks!

  • Michael Radcliffe

    As I wrote in my 23rd April 2016 paper (Twenty reasons why it is so important to vote in the Referendum on 23rd June) “Any outcome that results in the UK gaining a competitive advantage over the other member states sets the precedent for other EU member states to follow the UK, which could lead to the breakup of the EU.” This is the core reason why the EU will not re-open the withdrawal agreement. It illustrates in stark clarity the intellectual barrenness of Johnson who believes he can bludgeon the EU into submission. It is one thing to play poker with your own money. To play poker with the nation’s economy is an act of supreme irresponsibility. The EU will allow the UK to walk off the cliff into the unknown and suffer the consequences. Fortunately there are sufficient thinking Tories to prevent this happening by supporting a vote of no confidence in the government before it happens.


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