Pattern description URL structure

The pattern description URL structure on this website has now been modified to make it better suited to Internet searches.

The URLs for pattern descriptions were initially hierarchical.  For example, the URL for section (6.4.1), Overview of Political Pressures, was  The strategy has now changed however, to a flatter structure that is better suited to Internet searches:  This new link structure has been implemented as part of the book update to Edition 4.

Archived copies of each version are retained for as long as possible, particularly where these have been quoted in one of the published books.  These are in separate directories, not structured hierarchically, with URLs that reflect the section numbering – such as for section 6.4.1 Overview of Pressures on Politicians in the book Patterns of Power: Edition 2.  Later editions are in separate directories as appropriate.

Each pattern description is labelled with its version number.  Section (6.4.5), The Impact of Money in Politics, has been amended for example – so its version number appeared at the bottom of the page on its archive URL as  Some current versions have had the benefit of additional thought, experience and refreshed Internet links since the last published edition of the books.  If citing them, though, it must be remembered that the material is liable to change – so links to an archived version might be preferred.

Interim versions of some patterns are also archived.  Earlier examples are in separate directories, with their pattern description URL structure in the format for example.  The current storage policy is slightly different, using the format for example.

Version 02a represented an update on edition 02 (and some of these were not changed further in edition 03).  Very rarely, a minor typographical error might be corrected – as in for example – without substantively changing the content.