7.2 Types of Ungoverned Power

Some types of ungoverned power are used by individuals and others by States: for self-protection, pragmatism, or to gain advantage.

7.2.1  Isolation from Governance

self-reliance can provide some degree of isolation from governance

7.2.2  Economic Self-Protection

sensible precautions and careful judgement can reduce some economic risks

7.2.3  Individual Security

individuals can use weapons or build defences against attack

7.2.4  Government Abuse of Force and Reaction Against It

excessive use of force, including torture, turns people against the authorities

7.2.5  Corrupt Practices

they sidestep governance, undermining it, but countermeasures are possible

7.2.6  Collapse of Law and Order

if legal powers cannot contain violence, there is a risk of civil war

7.2.7  Self-Protection against Military Threats

countries have armed forces and form alliances to protect themselves

7.2.8  Acts of Terrorism

small numbers of individuals try to frighten the majority into accepting political change

The next segment analyses ways in which ungoverned power, including military force, is used against other countries.



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