7.4 Problems from Relying on Military Force to Maintain Peace

Problems from relying on military force to maintain peace include adverse side-effects and inability to produce stable solutions.

7.4.1      War Amongst the People

it is hard to win a war among the people, as many weapons aren’t suitable

7.4.2      Military Deterrence and Threats

the threat of mutually assured destruction is rarely convincing

7.4.3      The Security Impact of Propaganda

the use of military force generates headlines that increase resistance

7.4.4      UN Failure to Protect

military force is being used because the UN cannot work as intended

7.4.5      The Instability of an Imposed Solution

a victory on the battlefield is insufficient without a political solution

7.4.6      Economic Pressures on Military Activity

defence manufacturing is profitable, but armed forces and wars are costly

7.4.7      The Security Impact of Military Force

on balance, military force creates more problems than it solves

The next chapter examines the patterns of power that led to the decision to invade Iraq, and offers a retrospective view on its impact.



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