3.4 Economic Subsidiarity and Geography

Economic power is affected by where it is applied: economic subsidiarity and geography are interconnected factors to be considered.

3.4.1      Subsidiarity of Economic Regulation

economic regulation is multi-layered, nationally and internationally

3.4.2      The Globalisation of Wealth Creation

economic growth is fuelled by moving work to where it can be most cheaply done

3.4.3      Population Movements and Demographics

the availability of labour is affected by birth rates and migration

3.4.4      The Subsidiarity of the Financial System

financial services and institutions are increasingly globalised

3.4.5      The Subsidiarity of Government Spend and Taxation

it affects autonomy and prosperity in different parts of a country or region

3.4.6      The Subsidiarity of Economic Dependence

financial assistance for the needy may be national or international

These interconnected factors, of economic subsidiarity and geography, affect the contentious issues that are described in the next segment.



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