9. Renegotiating Governance in the 21st Century

9.1          Summary of Major Issues in Improving Governance

9.2          Negotiating the Freedom of the Individual

9.2.1      Governance as a Threat to Freedom
9.2.2      Limiting the Extent of Governance
9.2.3      Negotiability to Ensure that Governance Protects Freedom
9.2.4      Individual Responsibilities

9.3          Inclusivity: Living in Peaceful Pluralism

9.4          Holding Leaders to Account

9.5          International Security

9.5.1      Options for Maintaining International Security
9.5.2      Reforming the UN
9.5.3      Implementing Collaborative International Governance
9.5.4      The Advantages of Collaborative International Governance

9.6          Overcoming a Refusal to Negotiate

9.7          Meeting Governance Requirements