Patterns of Power: Books

The Patterns of Power books are available, in paperback and as e-books, on the PatternsofPower author bookshelf at  The e-books are in Kindle format which, by using the free Kindle software, will work on personal computers, on Android-based tablets and mobile phones, and on the iPad.

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The books identify common patterns in the ways in which people, organisations and institutions exercise power – either inside or outside the structures of economic, moral, legal and political governance. The characteristics of each pattern have been described in a compilation of reference material, which is available online and which offers links to its Internet sources where possible. This reference material includes recent news articles, the opinions of respected writers and commonly-encountered arguments.

The books assess these patterns of power in terms of whether they are likely to prove acceptable to all the people affected and lead to favourable outcomes. They illustrate this approach by analysing the invasion of Iraq, and they use their findings to suggest ways of improving governance.

It is hoped that they will be used to provoke and inform debate on the uses and abuses of power, so that leaders will be held more accountable in future. People can use them as tools to assess how power is being used and to make their own arguments when holding politicians to account and pressing for change.

Edition 3 of the books is currently work in progress.  Each edition has changed the format of the books as well as bringing them up to date with additional material.

  • The first edition was envisaged as a single book, to be read linearly.
  • The format was changed for Edition 2, into two separate books: an overview book with links to the online content, and the whole book containing the reference material as it was at the time of its publication in August 2014.
  • Further material has been added in Edition 3. There will be fewer endnotes in the electronic version of this book, as many have been replaced by direct hyperlinks to the Internet source material.  Edition 3 is work in progress: the website is being updated progressively; the Overview, Edition 3 is now available; the full book will be republished in a few months, when all of the updates have been incorporated.

The Edition Release Notes contain more information on the contents of above releases.  The available versions are on the Amazon bookshelf listed above.

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