8.8 Chilcot Report on the Invasion of Iraq

Sir John Chilcot’s Report of the Iraq Inquiry was published on 6 July 2016, almost two years later than Edition 2 of this book.  It was commissioned to examine the British government’s conduct in supporting America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.  It took nearly 7 years to produce and it is huge (2.6 million words) but its separately-published Executive Summary is only 150 pages.  The latter’s paragraph numbers are cited in the following comparisons with Patterns of Power: Edition 2.

The Chilcot Report did not disagree with any of this book’s previous conclusions, but the two documents each contained material that was missing from the other.  The comparison between them is divided below into three sub-sections:

(8.8.1) different scope of the Chilcot Report;

(8.8.2) alignment with the Chilcot Report;

(8.8.3) Chilcot Report ‘dodgy dossier’.



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