3.5 Contentious Economic Issues

3.5.1      Economic Reciprocity – Paying to Keep it All Going

paying tax, funding collective costs, maintaining infrastructure

3.5.2      Levels of Government Spend and Taxation

government spend compromise between individualists and collectivists

3.5.3     Public Service Delivery

how best to deliver public services, privatisation, value for money

3.5.4      Free Trade

benefits of free-trade agreements and globalisation

3.5.5      Restructuring Global Financial Governance

reforming the global financial system to reduce instability

3.5.6      Sharing Wealth

sharing the wealth created, balancing the benefits of growth

3.5.7      Environmental Challenges: Economic Viewpoint

climate change, global warming, pollution, disease, resource shortages

3.5.8      Policy towards Developing Countries

developing economies need aid, lower tariff barriers and modernisation

3.5.9      Economic Legitimacy

an economy should benefit everyone; neoliberalism is problematic



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