6.6 Political Subsidiarity

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6.6.1      Individual Participation in Politics   Active Individuals in Politics   Casual Individual Influence in Politics   Multi-level Individual Participation in Politics

6.6.2      Local and Regional Government

6.6.3      Separatism: Tribalism, Regionalisation and Partition   Tribalism   Regionalisation   Partition

6.6.4      National Politicians   The Internal Role of National Politicians   The External Role of National Politicians and Nationalism

6.6.5      Multinational Political Groupings such as the EU   The Rationale for the EU   The Benefits of Collective Decision-Making in the EU   The Structure of the EU   Growing Hostility towards the EU   The Cost of the EU   Democratic Accountability in the EU   A ‘Multi-Speed’ EU

6.6.6      Global Political Institutions   The United Nations (UN)   Problems with the UN   Other Global Political Groupings – the G20 and the G8

6.6.7      Problems in Political Subsidiarity