Link Structure and Information Storage

The current versions of each commentary are contained in the root directory, with Internet addresses (URLs) in the format – where NNN represents the section number in the books (with full-stops removed); section numbers might consist of two, three or four digits.  These current versions have had the benefit of additional thought, experience and refreshed Internet links.  If citing them, though, it must be remembered that the material is liable to change – so links to an archived version might be preferred.

Archived copies of each version are retained for as long as possible, particularly where these have been quoted in one of the published books.  These are in separate directories, with URLs in the format for the book Patterns of Power: a Rough Guide for example. Later editions will be in separate directories as appropriate.

Interim versions of some patterns will also be archived – for example where these have been incorporated in a blog entry.  They will be in separate directories, with URLs in the format for example.

Version numbering will be in the format where 01a represents an update on edition 01.  It is, of course, possible that version 01a might be incorporated in edition 02 when that is published.