This repository contains the detailed commentaries on all of the patterns of power which have been identified in the Patterns of Power books.

The book Patterns of Power: Edition 2 contains a complete copy of the commentaries which were current at the time of its publication in August 2014.

The Kindle version of the book Patterns of Power: Overview contains hyperlinks to current versions of the commentaries in this repository, which will operate if there is an Internet connection.  People who use the paperback version of the Overview will need to type the link addresses, as described below, into an Internet browser if they want to use this repository.

The aim of the commentaries is described here:

The structure of the link addresses, and the information storage policy, are described here:

Access to the contents of the repository can either be via the numbered section, arranged hierarchically according to the contents of the Patterns of Power books here:

or by references to topics arranged alphabetically here:

The books referred to in compiling this material are listed in the Bibliography, here: