6.7 Major Issues Requiring Political Negotiation

6.7.1      Government Spending and Socio-Economic Rights   Government-Funded Public Services   Choosing Public-Service Providers   Setting Levels of Benefit Payments   Budgeting for Public Investment   Funding by Taxation or Government Borrowing

6.7.2      Inequality as a Political Issue: Economic Inclusivity   Conflicting Viewpoints on Economic Inequality   Reasons for Reducing Inequality   Setting Intervention Policies for Inequality   Mechanisms to Reduce Economic Inequality

6.7.3      Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens, Denizens and Visitors   Rights and Responsibilities which Apply to Everyone in a Country   Permanent Residents without Citizenship: Denizens   Citizenship

6.7.4      Pluralism in Politics

6.7.5      Environmental Challenges from a Political Viewpoint

6.7.6      Political Issues Related to Developing Countries   The Politics of Aid   Governance in Developing Countries   Putting Political Pressure on Developing Countries

6.7.7      Foreign Policy

6.7.8   Rapid Economic and Social Change