4.4 Behavioural Requirements for Peaceful Pluralism

4.4.1      Tolerance

4.4.2      Socially-Acceptable Behaviour

4.4.3      Moral Influence on Socially-Acceptable Behaviour

4.4.4      Resolving Apparent Contradictions

4.4.5      The Potential for Ethnic Conflict

4.4.6      The Practice of Free Speech in a Pluralist Society   The Need for Free Speech   Trying to Convert Other People   Humour and the Freedom to Satirise   Divisive Language, Labelling and Demonisation   Moral Pressure to Suppress Divisive Language

4.4.7      Inclusivity in the Moral Dimension   Educating Children about Socially-Acceptable Behaviour   Friendly Interaction   Use of Moral Influence to Combat Divisiveness