5.4 Adaptation of the Law to Changes in Society

5.4.1      Legislating to Change Behavioural Requirements   The Trade-Off between Restriction and Protection under the Law   Public Influence on Legislation   Adaptation of Existing Legislation

5.4.2      Judicial Interpretation as a Response to Change

5.4.3      Acceptability of the Law   The Need for Inclusivity in the Law   Avoiding Conflict with Religious Law   The Need to Adapt to Contemporary Culture

5.4.4      Legislation on Morally Controversial Issues

5.4.5      The Legal Right to Freedom of Speech

5.4.6      Legal Measures to Reduce the Likelihood of Ethnic Conflict   Demeaning a Belief or All its Adherents   Telling Lies with Intent to Defame an Ethnic Group   Incitement to Intolerance

5.4.7      Human Rights as a Legal Safeguard   National Human Rights to Protect Individuals   Entitlements as Legally-Enforceable Human Rights   Human Rights as a Basis for the Exercise of Judicial Discretion   Human Rights Law Overruling National Legislatures   International Human Rights Protecting the Individual   Rights of Refugees or Asylum-Seekers