Pattern Information Management

This website contains the detailed descriptions of all the patterns of power which have been identified in the Patterns of Power books.  The purpose of publishing these descriptions is described here.

The book Patterns of Power: Edition 2 contains a complete copy of the pattern descriptions which were current at the time of its publication in August 2014.  These descriptions are being updated, in preparation for Patterns of Power: Edition 3 – which will be published when they are complete. Each description is labelled as to which edition it belongs to.

The Kindle version of the book Patterns of Power: Overview contains hyperlinks to current versions of the pattern descriptions; these links will operate if there is an Internet connection.  People who use the paperback version of the Overview need to type the link addresses into an Internet browser if they want access to the current versions of the pattern descriptions.

Until all the Edition 3 material is added, some links will redirect readers to Edition 2 material.  Even when Edition 3 is complete, this redirection will be necessary for readers of the first Overview book.  Also, some new sections and sub-sections have been added since that time – so new books Patterns of Power: Edition 3 and Patterns of Power: Overview Edition 3 will become the best way to provide complete access.

Pattern descriptions are updated individually in response to new ideas, suggestions or changes in society.  They are all updated, and their Internet links are refreshed, when a new edition of the books is produced: every few years.  Archive copies of each version are retained, as described here, where there are also details of the link addressing scheme: the URLs.

The pattern descriptions are stored hierarchically, in accordance with the Patterns of Power book contents.  They can also be retrieved by references to topics arranged alphabetically in the index.