3.5 Contentious Economic Issues

3.5.1      Economic Reciprocity

3.5.2      Levels of Government Spend and Taxation

3.5.3      Options for Delivering Government-Funded Public Services   Using State Employees to Provide Public Services   Involving Civil Society in Public-Service Delivery   Allowing a Range of Private Companies to Provide Public Services   Privatised Public-Service Monopolies   Private Financing of Public Infrastructure Projects   The Role of Profit in Public-Service Delivery

3.5.4      Free Trade   Arguments for Free Trade   Selective Protectionism   ‘Unfair Competition’ from Developing Countries   Globalisation as a Perceived Threat to Jobs and Wages   Global Regulation of Trade

3.5.5      Restructuring Global Financial Governance

3.5.6      Sharing Wealth

3.5.7      Environmental Challenges: Economic Viewpoint   The Controversy over the Best Response to Global Warming   Cost-Effective Measures to Mitigate Climate Change   Adaptation to Climate Change   The Role of Private Enterprise in Responding to Climate Change

3.5.8      Policy towards Developing Countries   Economic Aid   Developing Economies   Trade with the Rest of the World

3.5.9      Economic Legitimacy